The benefits of using crinkle cut shredded paper

crinkle cut shredded paper

The benefits of using crinkle cut shredded paper can be hard to grasp until you actually experience them. At Huefiller, we’ve seen benefits for our clients in the area of cost-savings, time savings, and convenience. 

Both the number of hours and the amount of paper used have been reduced by a substantial amount. Employees can spend less time shredding each day because there is less shredding to do.

crinkle cut shredded paper

Today, more and more people are turning to crinkle cut shredded paper.

There are many benefits to using crinkle cut shredded paper, not just one. Using crinkle cut paper can reduce the number of trips to the dumpster, which saves time and money. It also reduces material use by about 30%. Reducing material use is better for the environment because it decreases the need for raw materials and energy consumption. Crinkle paper is also recyclable!

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