In the wonderful world of human emotions, a gift on a special occasion says a thousand words!

You’ve gone to great lengths to select the gift now its time for an attractive packaging idea, the unboxing experience is emotionally satisfying and needs to supplement the gift inside.

Huefiller shredded papers help by adding colour and at the same time also protect the gifts because of its fluffy nature.

We offer shredded paper in both cuts – crinkle as well as hay strips in fantastic quality papers and colours. Whether you’re seeking shredded soft pastel paper or natural brown shredded paper, our collection is here to meet your needs.

Shredded paper for packaging in INDIA

Whether you’re living in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai or anywhere in India you can order with us and expect same day dispatches of the shredded paper that you would need urgently for gift packing.

Our Shredded paper filler will be delivered to your doorstep by courier at no extra cost (included with the price)

When you buy shredded kraft paper from us, you have the chance to take a creative approach to package your gifts.

If you are in the gifting business you can buy the shredded papers in bulk, the paper shredding is often readily available in any quantity with same day dispatches.

With prompt service and consistent colour stocks, you can strike off this task from your to-do list without any worries and concentrate more on your core business staying ahead of the competition.

We strive to satisfy our wonderful customers’ creative packaging ideas in an intensely competitive market with the addition of new products, ideas and unmatched service. We look forward to your contact to assist you in your business.

Thin Strips Shredded Paper

thin strips shredded paper filler

Crinkle Shredded Paper

crinkle shredded paper filler

Multi Coloured Confetti

multi color paper confetti