Crinkle Paper Filler

crinkle shredded paper in small gift boxes

Crinkle Paper Filler

The crinkle paper filler is made of dust-free and non-toxic recycled paper. It provides a soft base cushion for your gifts inside the package. Crinkle shredded paper filler is great for gift baskets, bags, table arrangements, shop displays, and crafts.

The Crinkle cut looks good and also because of the zigzag design the cushion is better than the flat shreds.

The crinkle cut shredded papers get entangled into one another better to give a good tight cushion for delicate gifts

Crinkle Shredded Paper is suited for all kinds of items. Be it hamper baskets, bags, containers, or boxes. Crinkle Cut Paper is the perfect way to fill it!

crinkle cut brown shredded papers
Can your gifts be any more stunning?!

How are these crinkles unique?

You must have this question in your mind. Why use this when I can use the basic paper strips for packing? Does it have a practical use?

The answer is YES, it is way different than the normal shredded strips. You will enjoy the efficiency and value given by this shredded crinkle paper filler. The interlocking spring design helps it take up less space in boxes. This ensures you use less paper for each package. It is both practical and decorative. It also looks way better than straight paper strips. But if you are still deciding between those two, then you should read our article Crinkle or Strips.

Paper Filler White
Safe and Sound

Protect breakable items with crinkle paper filler. You can use the shredded paper to separate the items to prevent clashing. It also prevents the objects from slipping inside the box. Crinkle paper filler’s use in preventing damage is very important for a company.

crinkle cut paper in gift boxes
Tell me this doesn’t look cute. Go on, tell me!

If you still aren’t convinced, you can ask for a sample free of cost.

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