Crinkles or Strips, what to choose when gifting?

crinkles or strips

Is this the only thing stopping you from choosing the perfect packaging? Then let’s compare whether you should go for paper crinkles or paper strips.

Paper crinkles

Paper crinkles hold their shape and stop crushing. It supports and protects your product with this zig-zag shaped paper shred. Crinkles are both practical and decorative and can be used for a lot of applications. Know more about the crinkles.

You’ll need crinkles when you have delicate products as it gives it the extra spring which will protect the object from sudden jerks and bumps. These include glass, china and cosmetic hampers with perfume bottles and nail polish.

crinkle cut paper
shredded paper strips

Paper strips

It may be delicate china or expensive electronics. Huefiller shredded paper strips are useful because you can pack it tightly into those areas where you’re afraid something will rub, bump or shift. It can get messy, but here’s a simple solution: bag it in plastic bags. It works just like those plastic air pillows some companies use to ship goods. You or the recipient (if it’s a gift) can then reuse the whole shredded paper “pillows”.

shredded paper filler for gift packaging

Usually, heavier items use these strips. It fills the empty place in the box and provides great cushioning.

So this is the difference between crinkles and strips, whatever you choose Huefiller shredded paper will help package your valuable products more safely and efficiently. Cutting the risk of damage and loss.

shredded paper in gift boxes
Looks matter too

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