What are the benefits of shredded paper for gift hampers?

shredded paper for gift hampers

A gift hamper is traditionally used to send a gift to someone with a message. This is usually done with flowers, fruit, wine, or chocolate. But what if you want to send something different? Instead of sending traditional hampers, why not try shredded paper instead? It’s eco-friendly and it’s more cost effective for you too! Shredded paper can be purchased in bags for between Rs.200-300 per bag.

The material used to fill a gift hamper is often leftover from construction or office paper shredding, and it has many advantages. It is cheap, recyclable, biodegradable, lightweight, and sustainable. These hampers can be filled with any number of items depending on the occasion. They are also great for last minute holiday shopping!

shredded paper for gift hamper

Many companies now offer shredded paper as a viable option for filling up gift hampers. Manufacturers cut the paper from the center of the roll and insert it into a plastic bag, which can then be filled with other materials such as tissue paper. For those looking to reduce their waste footprint, this is a trend worth following.

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