Box-filler shredded paper

Box-filler Shredded Paper
Opened cardboard box with wood excelsior shred filler on wooden background. View above

Every year, over 600 million trees are cut down to produce paper. With so many trees being cut down every year, In India is slowly running out of forested land, and this leaves them with more than just one problem. There are more than just deforestation issues that come with cutting down so many trees every year, but there is also an environmental issue of which not enough people seem to be aware of.

Box-filler Shredded Paper

We live in a society where people have disposable incomes and so it is common to see large waste bins filled with the remnants of cardboard boxes. They have been able to create works that are often given as gifts because their creations are so versatile and customizable. These pieces can be used as art or as decorations in any space.

Box-filler Shredded Papers

Paper shredding is a process of reducing documents to particles so small they cannot be read. It can also refer to the collecting and removal of refuse, rubbish, and other waste material from a home or work place. In most cases, paper is disposed of in a paper shredder. Companies have been using shredded paper as filler for their boxes for decades. The use of shredded paper as filler has grown significantly in recent years as high-quality recycled content becomes more readily available.

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