Crinkle cut paper shred filler for packing

crinkle cut shredded paper for gift packaging

You have gone thru a lot of effort and selected a perfect gift , now you want to pack smart, right?
HUEFILLER™ gives you a wide choice, be it the simple off white or the very famous brown, try anyone of those to get a beautiful looking box, which impresses who ever opens it, be it a child or an elderly person. Our crinkle cut paper shred filler for packing known as HUEFILLER™ is available in retails as well as wholesale packing.

crinkle cut shredded paper for gift packaging

Many people like to use crinkled up newspaper to fill the voids in packing boxes and provide some cushion for items that will be stored within. Although it can work well, newspapers are not always available and there are other options out there. One such option is using crinkle cut paper shred filler. Made from recycled paper and weighing less than 1 lb per cubic foot, this product can be reused many times before it begins to disintegrate.

crinkle cut shredded paper

Eco crinkle cut paper shred filler for packing when you are moving

Or If you are packing up your belongings to move, trying to figure out how to protect your items from damage can present a major challenge. One great idea for protecting your breakables or other fragile items is to use crinkle cut paper shred filler. This method of padding provides excellent protection without the need for additional wrapping materials. The paper also helps absorb shock, limiting the chance that your items will be broken during transit.

Packing odd shaped items is a challenge for anyone, but packing these items in a box with paper shred filler can be even more challenging. Crinkle Cut Paper packs tightly and allows you to stuff more into a box while still maintaining a snug fit. There are many shapes of this cut paper that give you the option of using it as packing material or using it as a decorative item.

Well just for any type of filler paper pl contact us and we will have a economical solution for you!

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